solar pv systems

solar pv systems
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Retail prices index increases to 4.7%

The clean energy cash back or feed in tariff as it's otherwise known is linked to the retail prices index. This means that when the rates are reviewed you will be getting more money for all the electricity you generate with your solar pv system. Installing a Solar PV system has to be the best investment you can make.
Simon Herbert

Gas and electricity prices up 5.1%

nPower has put up its standard gas and electricity prices by 5.1% last Friday 10/12/10. Also other providers have stopped many of their cheaper deals such as the online Saver Version 7 tariff from EDF Energy. Although these prices may be influenced by the cold weather and short term shortages it seems these price rises are the future. Now is the time to consider generating your own energy by installing a Solar PV system. A typical system will  generate 50% of the electrical needs of an average house. The payments from the feed in tariff are index linked and the value of electricity saved will increase as the cost of electricity increases. A Solar PV system should therefore protect you from price rises for the next 25 years.

Simon Herbert

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

higher energy prices

Three of the main energy suppliers have put up their prices so the others will soon follow. We all need to think long term when considering our energy use. Renewable energy systems are now available to all. The feed in tariff pays the home or business owner money to generate energy. So not only do you save money on your energy bills you will also be paid for doing it.
Solar Pv systems